Having Carburettor Problems?

Welcome to the Carby Shop We have moved to Brisbane

As the NT’s foremost expert on all things to do with carburettors with over 40 Years experience, serving customers in the motor trade, motorsports & carby restorations, from all over Australia. I have now moved to Brisbane & continuing the carby restorations & conversions , especially the very popular DFT Weber Suzuki Sierra & Vitara conversion i have developed  The Carby Shop carries a  large range of reconditioned carburettors,  Holley, Weber, Stromberg, SU, Carter, Rochester, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan carburettors as well as a huge range of spare parts.  We can offer a new Weber carby conversion to replace expensive, troublesome original carby's, it will give much better performance and economy, and costing less most times than repairing the worn out one.  We ship these conversions everywhere, so also saving time waiting for the original to be restored, we also offer an exchange service on most popular makes depending on make & model type, very handy for those travelling or on a tight schedual such as couriers, just give me a call and I can get one ready for you. Our restored carbys are recolored, body's are rebushed when needed,  staightened and machined.  All our carby's are hot run tested, gas analysed and adjusted on one of our test engines before it leaves the shop.  We supply fitting & trouble shooting instructions, fitting gaskets with each carby.  When a restored carby leaves our shop you can be sure it will be 100% ready to go with confidence.  "A Carby Restored Is Quality Assured"

We also carry an extensive range of other associated products and accessories, carburettors for high performance motor sport & marine use. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or replace your existing manifold, air filter assemblies, a Hiclone for economy, fuel preservative stabiliser, , here at the Carby Shop your sure to find exactly what you need.  Just give us a call.

Michael is a valued member of the IAME - The Professional Standard in Automotive Repair & Service.

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